Dec 11

Dather Selected to Showcase at Tech Cocktail Los Angeles

Come by and say hello tonight at South in Santa Monica. We’ve been chosen to showcase Dather by Tech Cocktail. Event runs from 6:30 to 9:00. Here is an article that Tech Cocktail wrote on Dather that went live today.


Hope to see you tonight!

Nov 11

Dather Nominated for Founder Institute Best of 2011

We’re honored to have been selected as one of the companies recognized by Founder Institute as one of the Best of 2011. FI is in over 20 cities now and has over 400 graduates so to be selected is an amazing accomplishment.

We’d also like to call out the other two Los Angeles-based nominees, One Good Love and Gamerfood.  Gamerfood was big hit on the floor as well as on stage as they were referenced all night long by Adeo Ressi during the Founder Showcase.

The Founder Showcase was an eye-opener as 10 FI companies presented and got critiqued by five VCs.  Most of the pitches were excellent but few of the companies impressed the judges.  Congrats to Neo for winning the vote as the best presenter.

Sep 11

Why Dather is Perfectly Suited for the New Facebook

By now you’ve probably seen coverage of the major changes being implemented by Facebook.  When Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement that the first big initiative was called Timeline, I confess that my initial reaction was like being punched in the stomach.  You mean Facebook is rolling out the original vision of Dather?!? Our original direct-to-consumer offering included many of the same features and our tagline was ”Timeline Your World“. Then the shock turned to “This is awesome, we’ve been validated!”

After taking time to digest Facebook’s Timeline and Open Graph initiatives, I’m  absolutely thrilled about both concepts because they open the door even further for Dather to become the foremost Facebook application for events.  Dather is a social media marketing application for event sponsors and organizers that expands brand awareness, builds communities, and increases revenue.  Dather’s an online hub for all of the social media activity surrounding an event that can integrate with any brand’s Facebook page or website.

Let’s take a closer look at how Dather can extend the power of Open Graph.  Open Graph is exciting because it takes sharing to a much higher level.  Now rather than simply “Liking” something, a whole range of user activities can be shared.  The key for marketers is creating activities that drive user engagement, which will drive a whole new breed of Facebook apps.  Dather is a perfectly suited app because it supports community sharing around events. As a result, Dather will drive the kind of engagement that will explode via the Open Graph.

For example, the Glee Live Tour fans were encouraged to demonstrate that they were the biggest “Gleek” by sending in their photo from the shows.  In the new Facebook, every photo added would appear in a user’s Facebook Newsfeed and Ticker.  These posts would in turn trigger others who attended the event to view the photos which could then trigger more posts and comments.  The viral possibilities are unlimited.

Now let’s examine how Dather can leverage the Facebook Timeline. As previously mentioned, the timeline concept is core to Dather’s vision of how content should be organized – we always felt it was logical that timelines were the way to organize the history of content.   The Timeline on Facebook becomes more valuable if to marketers if they can capture more details of users’ favorite live events.

So how does a brand or business focusing on live events step up to the new marketing challenge?  By leveraging Dather’s ability to brand live experiences of  customers, brands will live along with their memories forever via our application.  Talk about a powerful way to increase the ROI of your live event budget!

For Dather, quickly integrating with the new Facebook tools is incredibly important.  The first movers will reap the biggest rewards as consumers are looking for the newest ways to capture their attention and drive the creation of their ongoing Timelines. We have more to come on our recommended strategies for leveraging Dather, but in the meantime please contact kieve@dather.com with any questions.

In the end, it is nice for the Dather model to be validated.  But now we want to take what we’ve learned and take your business to a whole new level.  Exciting times!

Sep 11

Dather Selected for Social Media Week LA Tech Demo

Dather has been selected as one of five new tech companies in LA to present and demo at the New Technology Startup Demo and Happy Hour. This is one of the many incredible events that are part of Social Media Week Los Angeles.  We’re honored to have been selected and look forward to showing everyone what we’ve been up to.

Please join us at Ogilivy & Mather on Tuesday, September 20 at 6 PM. Craft beers and wine will be served and the demos should start around 6:15. Hope to see you there!

Jun 11

Dather On The Warped Tour!

We’re thrilled to be powering the social media event marketing for two great causes on the Vans Warped Tour: John Lennon Educational Tour and Feed Our Children Now. Dather is integrated into each of their sites and will house all of their social media from the tour and will used to build communities from each of the tour stops. Dather once again is building online value from offline events.

John Lennon Educational Tour is a non-profit mobile recording studio dedicated to providing students free hands-on experience to create music and video. Here is a teaser video they created to introduce Dather to their audience.  More to come on this initiative!

Feed Our Children Now distributes food locally to non-profit charities that serve children of need at no cost.  They have YouTube star Naughty Nate on tour with them.  You can see him rave about Dather at the end of this video.

Two great charities on an incredible summer tour.  Dather is proud to be able to support  them both!

Jun 11

Dather Graduates from Founder Institute

So the big news this week is that Dather graduated from the Founder Institute!  FI is an intensive 14 week program for entrepreneurs where highly successful local Mentors teach a curriculum focused on successfully launching start ups. There were 55 in the program at the start and 15 ended up graduating. It was not for the faint of heart!

This program was hugely beneficial to Dather as we were pivoting our business right when it started. The Mentors were very helpful and in particular we found Joey Tamer, Oded Noy, Travis Schmidt, Dale Fox, Richard Gibbs, Peter Sorenson and Brian Deagon to be particularly  great for us. The other large benefit were the connections to the other Founders who we look forward to remaining in contact with and supporting as we each move forward with our businesses. All in all, a valuable experience.  Now on to building on the great momentum we’ve started.

Jun 11

Social Media Roundup

I’ve come across several blog posts recently and although they seem all over the map, they are all social media related in one way or another. So I thought I’d do a quick recap on a few of them.

  • Here’s a piece on ESPN.com about the UFC and social media. Really cool to see how much they are using Twitter and FB, etc: http://dat.hr/lDmHag
  • Another post is from a guest writer on Huffington Post, who is also a school principal, about how he’s using social media in his school. I know back in high school I could have benefited from a tweet showing up on my phone warning me that the campus cop was near: http://dat.hr/jqf2jd
  • And here’s one about how Dems are using social media to keep their constituents up to date on redistricting reform: http://dat.hr/kSejl5
  • Lady Gaga and Starbuck’s have teamed up recently, and it’s cool to see the partnership, but hopefully in the future they’ll come up with something bigger than an online scavenger hunt: http://dat.hr/lLoSM1
  • ShowHopping is a site that mashes up LastFM data and Google Maps to let you know when bands are coming to your area. Would be cool if there were pics and reviews and setlists from previous shows on the tour so you could do a little research and decide if you should show up for the opening act: http://dat.hr/kuAhgQ

Jun 11

Live Event Engagement Using Social Media

Sponsors and organizers of live events have captive audiences for several hours. During these events hundreds or thousands of photos, tweets, videos, and status updates are generated but are dispersed throughout the Internet. The brands do not participate and in fact completely lose contact with all of the attendees who just had a great time together. And the attendees don’t have a unified place to share their experience. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Marketers are starting to understand that there are ways to increase the value of their live event marketing spend by leveraging the tools provided by social media. The campaign Nike ran in Indonesia to leverage their sponsorship of soccer matches is a good example of this. When you see innovative companies like GetGlue increasing engagement around TV viewing you realize that the surface has barely been scratched when it comes to live event engagement.

An excellent post on how social media improves sporting events highlights some examples of what is being done today to increase fan engagement. However, there is so much more possible as these engagements are fleeting and scattered. What is needed is a central hub for all the social media activities where all of the participants and fans can build a community and have a meaningful dialogue that can be referenced back to easily over time.

There is a lot of innovation going on in the live event space and leading the way are those in the ticketing sector. Eventbrite and Ticketfly are using social media to create a legitimate threat to the 800-pound gorilla known as Ticketmaster. Both of these companies have excelled at making the pre-event experience a great one for all involved. Some social media marketing campaigns are beginning to happen during events. And there has been no focus on post-event engagement. What a missed opportunity.

May 11

Glee Live Facebook App

Glee Live Dather Facebook AppWe are super excited about the Dather app for Glee Live in Association with Samsung Infuse 4G From AT&T we just put live. The Facebook app version of Dather let’s attendees of the Glee Live tour post their photos, videos and tweets, and see everyone else’s photos, videos and tweets from every show on the tour.  All of the content lives on a scrollable interactive timeline. There is also a cool feature where concert attendees can email a photo of themselves at the concert to pic@dather.com, and after the concert is over the people that emailed their photos can download a mosaic (via BlueWater Tech) made from everyone’s photos and zoom in and find themselves. They can also enter that photo into the contest for a chance to win a trip to NYC to see one of the shows and meet members of the cast. And it’s all made possible by the ruling technology of Dather. Have a look: dat.hr/ief7jh.